Mobility Data Space

Intelligent traffic and mobility systems require a multitude of data in order to support decisions in the best possible way or even to make them automatically. Although countless mobility data are already being collected and processed today, a comprehensive use of these data is often not possible for technical, legal or economic reasons. With the Mobility Data Space, an open data space is now being created which, in addition to secure exchange, will enable the development of real-time traffic data and sensitive mobility data, as well as connecting existing data platforms. In this way, nationwide mobility data can be made available at national level in the future.

Based on the decentralised system architecture of the International Data Spaces Association e. V., the Mobility Data Space provides an ecosystem in which data providers can define and control the conditions under which their data is used by other participants. This creates data sovereignty and trust, as well as certainty about the origin and quality of the data for other participants. By linking public and private sector data via regional and national data platforms, the Mobility Data Space becomes a digital distribution channel for data-driven business models and unfolds completely new possibilities for data access, linking and use.

Whether data provider, user, developer or end user - the Mobility Data Space takes all parties involved into account and offers

  • Data sovereignty and security along the value chain,
  • uniform access to public and private sector data,
  • room for the emergence of new business models, distribution channels and services, and
  • an increased supply of innovative mobility services and applications.

Mobility Data Space

A secure data room for the sovereign and cross-platform management of mobility data.