Definition of usage polcies

By means of data usage control, the data provider determines how and under what conditions the data may be used. This requires components for the definition and enforcement of usage policies. Through the fine-grained control of data flows, also within a connector, the International Data Spaces ensure that the provider’s requirements are consistently taken into account during the distributed processing of data. Trusted and attestable components, such as the Trusted Connector, permit enforcement of the requirements even in a distributed architecture.

Label-based Usage Control (LUCON)

LUCON (Label-based Usage Control) is the standard framework for data usage control within the International Data Spaces.  It is part of the Trusted Connector and marks data objects in Apache Camel routes with labels according to their protection requirements. The user defines directives via these labels and can thereby permit or prohibit data flows for specific data categories or define additional requirements for them. A development environment and a policy compiler are available for the preparation of LUCON directives. The compiled directives can be loaded into the Trusted Connector where they are enforced during data processing in the Apache Camel framework.