Data sovereignty as a success factor for digital ecosystems

Innovation in business ecosystems is increasingly taking place through the exchange of data between companies. In the provision of data, both the producers and owners of data do however often find themselves exposed to the risk of losing control thereby eliminating the strategic value of their data resources. In consequence, the sharing of data is limited today and the potential of data ecosystems remains unrealized.

This conflict of aims which exists across industries, is addressed by the International Data Spaces (IDS) by making it possible for data providers to share data while maintaining data sovereignty. International Data Spaces (formerly Industrial Data Space) is an initiative with the objective of creating a secure data space that enables the sovereign management of their data assets for companies of all sizes in various sectors. 

Information about the conditions, registration and contacts for the International Data Spaces seminars.
Currently the core competences of 36 Fraunhofer Institutes are incorporated in the training. Among other things, seminars and workshops can be held in the  IDS Lab which offers an excellent infrastructure.

Further seminars and workshops are planned within the framework of Data Scientist and Software-Architecture training of the Fraunhofer Academy.


Basic training

Basic training provides an easy introduction to the International Data Spaces and the corresponding software components. You learn about data handling in business ecosystems based on use cases and exhibits.



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