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Innovation in business ecosystems is increasingly taking place through the exchange of data between companies. In the provision of data, both the producers and owners of data do however often find themselves exposed to the risk of losing control thereby eliminating the strategic value of their data resources. In consequence, the sharing of data is limited today and the potential of data ecosystems remains unrealized.

This conflict of aims which exists across industries, is addressed by the International Data Spaces (IDS) by making it possible for data providers to share data while maintaining data sovereignty. International Data Spaces is an initiative with the objective of creating a secure data space that enables the sovereign management of their data assets for companies of all sizes in various sectors.  

The Fraunhofer Academy within the framework of the International Data Spaces initiative offers the two seminars “Basic Training – Data Sovereignty and International Data Spaces” and the “Hands-On Software Workshop – Data Sovereignty Implemented Through International Data Spaces”.

Basic Training – Data Sovereignty and International Data Spaces

This practical training for specialists and managers presents the basics of data sovereignty and the structure of the International Data Spaces architecture with its technologies, base services, and roles.

Training type Seminar
Duration 1 day
Date On request
Venue Presence or virtual
Contents 1. Ecosystems and digital business models
2. Data sovereignty
3. Interactive workshop phase 1
4. Architectures and initiatives for the industrial exchange of data
5. IDS architecture
6. Components, information model, and governance of International Data Spaces
7. Interactive workshop phase 2
8. Participation in the International Data Spaces Association
Objective After the seminar, participants have an understanding of the various architecture patterns for data exchange. They understand the concept of data sovereignty and the IDS architecture. They are also familiar with the technologies, components and roles in the International Data Spaces ecosystem according to the current reference architecture and are able to describe and define own use cases.
Target group This basic seminar is intended for managers and employees in various industries who want to understand the phenomenon of data sovereignty and to use and further develop the International Data Spaces architecture as a federal approach for the sovereign exchange of data.
The seminar is open to both management and technical personnel (data architects, software developers).
Costs On request

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Fraunhofer basic training “Data Sovereignty and International Data Spaces”.