International Data Spaces component certification

Is my product IDS ready?

Challenge: Trust and acceptance for own products

You want to offer or process data through the International Data Spaces or permit this for your customers? You are planning to develop your own components for this purpose and want to have them certified for the International Data Spaces participation?

The Fraunhofer Academy within the framework of the International Data Spaces initiative is offering the workshop “International Data Spaces Component Certification – Is my product IDS-ready?”. In this workshop, you learn what is required for successful International Data Spaces certification and participation and compare this to your current state of development.

The solution: Certification of the technical core components for a secure data space

International Data Spaces (IDS) is an initiative with the objective of creating a secure data space that enables the sovereign management of their data assets for companies of all sizes in various sectors. The purpose of the International Data Spaces is the secure exchange of data subject to usage restrictions. This requires a trusted environment for the enforcement of usage policies. The acceptance of the International Data Spaces in the context of exchanging critical company data has to be assured. The certification process plays a key role in achieving this objective. Aside from certifying the participating companies, all technical core components of the International Data Spaces need to be reviewed and certified according to the strict certification criteria.

This workshop explains the International Data Spaces certification criteria. Your product is compared to the criteria in cooperation with the workshop moderators. As a result of the three to five-day workshop, you obtain an overview of what functions and security features required for International Data Spaces certification have already been implemented and in what areas work remains to be done. A concrete road map with the remaining steps required for IDS certification is jointly prepared on this basis.


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