IDSA Plugfest

Connecting the components in the International Data Spaces ecosystem

The IDSA Plugfest is held quarterly in the IDS Lab at the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST in Dortmund. It is geared towards the consolidation of and technical connection between the existing IDS core components. Implementing an initial MVP-IDS ecosystem is the overriding objective.

If you want to participate:

  • Bring along your current IDS implementations (connectors, brokers, clearing houses, app stores, and others)
  • Register your core component at the IDS Lab Identity Provider
  • Support the current IDS information model
  • Prepare your registration at the IDS Lab Broker
  • Connect with others, e.g. Echo Connector

How do I participate?

Contact Heinrich Pettenpohl to obtain access to repositories and mailing lists, and to take part in the weekly teleconference and quarterly Plugfest meetings.

What you need for the IDSA Plugfest:

  • Bring a notebook computer with administrator rights.
  • Changing the network/proxy configuration has to be possible.
  • Source code for one or more IDS implementations (connector, broker, CA, app store, or others)
  • Corresponding development environment for customizing the sources
  • Docker or VMWare/Virtual Box for Windows computer

Test environment and Software



The IDS Lab offers a test environment for IDS components and hosts the IDS Plugfest.


IDS software

International Data Spaces architecture elements.