Use of the International Data Spaces in the company/use case

Before using the International Data Spaces in the company, the exact application has to be defined. Certain approaches and implementations are more sensible than others depending on the use case.

The following points generally have to be clarified prior to implementation:

What partners will be exchanging data through the International Data Spaces?
The partners will subsequently have to use an IDS connector for the sovereign exchange of their data.

What added value/service is enabled and/or implemented by the use case?
The added value reveals the purpose of the implementation. This is essential to make internal resources available to implement the use case. It also clarifies what services need to be realized and implemented.

What data will be exchanged?
The data that should and has to be exchanged is defined according to the partners and the services to be developed.

In what systems are the data currently stored, or what systems generate the data, and/or in what systems will the data be stored in order to enable the services?
The systems subsequently have to be linked to the IDS connector. This is typically realized over HTTPS connections, but other protocols can also be used.

The International Data Spaces are not an end in itself. Thus, the intended use and objective should be established prior to implementation. Some of the IDS use cases are listed here: Use cases.

We are happy to assist you with the development of new use cases and with choosing the most sensible solutions.

Participants and Users


Participating Fraunhofer Institutes

Fraunhofer Institutes participating in the International Data Spaces and their core competencies.


Individual projects

An individual project uses the International Data Spaces or some of the technologies or develops a technology that could be used within the International Data Spaces. It cannot be assigned to a verticalization.



Fraunhofer offers support for implementation and the adaptation of IDS software components. Various seminars impart additional fundamentals and can help develop own solution concepts.


IDSA members

Members of the International Data Spaces Association.


IDSA use cases

Overview of IDS use cases of IDSA members.