International Data Spaces is a global de facto market standard for the sovereign use of data

As the perception of data value gains importance in global value creation, the IDS approach makes it possible to establish global dynamic data and business processes between participants in all areas, without a central infrastructure but peer-to-peer. Thus, the International Data Spaces are capable of connecting anything from individual objects all the way to entire platforms.

The IDS reference architecture forms the foundation for data ecosystems and marketplaces based on European values, i.e. data protection and security, and provides equal opportunities through a federal design. That is why, the IDS user group, the International Data Spaces Association, has established an architecture, interfaces and sample code for an open, secure data ecosystem of trusted partners. The International Data Spaces center on trust between the participants and on data security. This is guaranteed for data originators regarding who uses their data for how long, for what purpose, how often and subject to what conditions. The IDS ecosystem is non-proprietary and will achieve and defend its status as the de facto market standard for trading and exchanging all kinds of data sets. Searching for and authenticating suitable transfer partners is being intensified along with the legal and commercial control of transactions. By continuously reviewing and adopting new developments and requirements, the International Data Spaces Association is establishing itself as an enduring component for ecosystems to implement the data economy..

More than 140 members from over 26 countries are already participating in the IDSA

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Over 140 members from more than 26 countries unified in one ecosystem.


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