Main publications

The following IDS main publications are available for your introduction to the IDS:


IDS Whitepaper

Digitization and the role of data, overview of the IDS reference data model, selected IDS application scenarios and the organization of the IDS initiative.


IDS Reference Architecture Model 3.0

Complete information about the International Data Spaces architecture, objectives, and models.


Use Case Overview

International Data Spaces use case overview.

Presentation to the German Parliament’s “Artificial Intelligence” committee of inquiry on the topic of data sovereignty by Prof. Boris Otto

Director Prof. Boris Otto spoke on June 3, 2019 to the German Parliament’s “Artificial Intelligence – Social Responsibility and Economic, Social, and Ecological Potential” committee of inquiry on the topic of data management and data sovereignty.

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Data and data sovereignty in the digital economy

He presented the main features of the International Data Spaces (IDS) project. The initiative is aimed at establishing an architecture for data sovereignty in the platform economy. This is intended to enable the flow of data across various platforms while maintaining data sovereignty.

Here data sovereignty means the data provider’s self-determination regarding the use of the data. This is a prerequisite for companies to share their data in the first place. Otto believes politics is obligated to create a corresponding framework, for example, by establishing legal principles for data sovereignty in the European Economic Area or through mandatory data sovereignty requirements in public tenders.

Scientific publications

Scientific publications related to the IDS.


Data marketplaces

Platforms for data exchange and data monetization in the data economy.


Ecosystems for data and artificial intelligence

Conceptual design of a sovereign data infrastructure and analysis of potential through ecosystems in AI use cases for various domains.



Real-time determination of performance figures in production and logistics.


A Lightweight Industrial Data Space Sensor Connector

The model aims at covering a broad range of application scenarios and the resulting requirements.


Industry 4.0

The future of indo-german industrial collaboration.

Designing a multi-sided data platform

Findings from the International Data Spaces case

GAIA-X and IDS Position Paper

The International Data Spaces (IDS) standard, which enables open, transparent and self-determined data exchange, is a central element of the Gaia‑X architecture.